Video On Demand (VOD)

Our in-depth experience and understanding of relationships and expertise gives us the added advantage in this clime to secure financially rewarding terms of purchase for our clients are assets that set us apart.

We bring our expertise to bear in the distribution of media contents via OTT, Mobile Network Operator streaming and download Solution (MTN Nigeria, Etisalat Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria), dobox custom built apps, Wap & Mobile site access, web-based direct connection & gateway, on-demand subscriptions and pay- per-view.

Our carefully developed Mobile network Operator solution for media content consumption (Movies, Music, tunes, Trailers, News)via download or stream by subscribers on partner Mobile Network operators like MTN Nigeria, Etisalat Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria are bespoke solutions developed by Do Media for subscribers to access media contents with ease on their mobile devices.

Through our various bespoke content delivery solutions we curate and acquire ethnic contents targeted at ethnic populations in the diaspora.

Our on demand solutions via online, app, mobile, Wap are ways we deliver content to the mobile user on the Go.

We will push the limits and develop a smarter way to deliver media content to the mobile device users.


Theatrical Releases

Our experience in dealing with content owners and cinema houses place us in a unique position that enables us showcase our expertise and ability to monetise made for cinema contents through leading cinema chains in Nigeria, Africa, and Europe etc.

We have out Theatrical footprint in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, United Kingdom and Canada.

We use our knowledge and deep understanding of the social media space and traditional advertising mediums to push movies directly to active traction and call to action for movies we release or support.



At Do Media, we acquire the rights from content owners to monetise their contents through our established monetisation channels.

As content aggregators, we receive and reformat media contents, curate and distribute the contents to service providers that offer such contents as a subscription service, Pay per view, on demand or Free-to-air to its customers.

We bring our experience and relationship in this clime to bear in dealing with owners and buyers of content.

Our detailed knowledge of content buyers as placed DO Media Limited in a unique position that enables us showcase our expertise and ability with regards to content aggregation are strengths we deploy for the financial benefit of our clients (content owners).


Production (Originals by domedia)

We are a fully integrated entertainment company and a leader in the creation and production of made for Theatrical release, Original series, Short films, Mobile Movies.

We work closely and or invest in independent productions.

We aggregate original contents produced by Do Media Limited and other production partnerships through our monetisation channels.


Pay Television

We work closely with the Pay Television industry through our aggregation unit.

We aggregate media content to Pay Television channels offering paid services via DTH (Direct-To-Home), DTTV (Direct-to-Terrestrial-Television), IDTV (Internet-Direct-Television), IPTV (Internet-Protocol-Television), Pay-Per-View, In-flight Entertainment, In-Transport Entertainment and Optical distribution channels.

Our library consists of a large collection of Full-length Movies, Short films, Series, TV series, Documentaries, Trending and Classic African Music Videos.


Intransport Entertainment

We support the In-Flight Entertainment industry by providing quality cinema release movies, made for DVD, Series, TV series and musical works (videos and tunes, DJ Mixes) to airlines for in-flight entertainment.

We provide a unique entertainment experience with our In-flight / in-transport service.


Home Entertainment Distribution

Do Media is also engaged in full distribution of home entertainment content and national distribution of quality contents to DVD.