dobox (Your Entertainment Box)

dobox is an online entertainment on-demand (EOD) portal that offers an amazing collection of premium cinema released movies, original series, popular TV drama series, Mobile Movies, in-depth documentaries, cartoons, live events streaming, New and Classic tunes, top-notch music videos and user generated content.

dobox Offerings

Stream, Rent and Buy the finest selection of quality African cinema release movies, TV Series, Short Films, and Documentaries. On Magicbox, Streaming content gives you immediate viewing access online for 24 hours (1 day). Our Rental option allows you to download Full length Movies, Short Films, Series & TV Series on to your device with a storage period of 24 hours (1 day). Our Buy option allows you to own a digital copy of the content downloaded onto your device whenever highlighted.

Trailerbox serves you the latest African trailers and teasers on the web. You can also choose to Download or Stream the trailer via the dobox app onto your device.

Tunebox is a music distribution solution available via apps for TV, PCs (Desktops and Laptops), mobile phones, tablets, mobile devices and online where music lovers all over the world can get access to songs, albums and mixtapes of their favourite artistes.

Stream, Download or share the best genre of music videos from artistes across Africa.

Capture and Share your favourite moments with everyone.

On Livebox you always stay in the loop. Watch live News and events happening around the world in real time. Now you can be in two places at the same time.

Radiobox...listen to the world
Radio is the easiest way to tune in and listen to your favourite radio box stations all over the world on the web. On Radiobox, you can search and organize your favourite stations in just a box few clicks.

Blogbox brings to you up to date entertainment news, celebrity interviews, articles, fictional stories and much more.



Do Tickets is an e-ticketing portal that can be accessed via online or Mobile for movie and event tickets purchase at a discount to registered members.

Do Tickets is a buyer’s destination for movie lovers and event goers.

Do Tickets entertains, informs and guides visitors to discover must-see trailers and exclusive discount offerings.

Do Tickets offers crowd pulling (Fund Raising) service on a demand base.